Best wet-weather wedges

Jamie Jarvis

07 November 2022

Wedge shot from wet grass

Picture those early-morning autumn rounds with the sunlight glistening on dew-soaked grass. You approach your ball, sitting just off the green, with a wedge in-hand. You can see the trail from somebody else’s line to the hole, but what trail will your next shot leave? Will you be able to stop it fast or will it roll out?

In the past, you’ve probably stopped to think for a little longer about how to combat it. When the flight and spin aren’t predictable and you’ve lost the controlled contact you rely on, it feels like a gamble.

Mizuno HydroFlow Micro Grooves

But what if you were able to stop your ball fast? What if it didn’t roll out? Amazingly, Mizuno’s T22 wedges have HydroFlow Micro Grooves laser-etched into the face to release moisture and maintain spin in these conditions.

This completely revolutionises the way we see these shots. Just try to picture yourself walking up to your ball in the wet greenside grass with that wedge in your hands … it’s a different game altogether. And, hey, just as a fun little added bonus, the green’s nice & soft so you can throw one in close.

Mizuno T22 wedges

It’s not all rosey, though, because we’ve got to remember that the grass is still denser and the ground is tougher to cut through unless you have the right grind for the situation. Of course, we can just go ahead and fit you for a wedge set-up that will put the right club in your hands in this moment… Oh, ok, maybe it is all rosey.

Feel free to pay us a visit and try these wedges out. You can book a fitting and we’ll be able to make you a greenside wizard in no time.

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