How comfortable do you feel on the greens?

Jamie Jarvis

17 June 2024

They say our time spent on the greens is where good scores are made or lost.

We’ve all been there where we’ve hit a cracking drive down the middle of the fairway, and when we hit our approach shot, it lands just right or catches a lucky bounce to send us onto the green. Surely it’s time for a birdie?

Then when we get onto the green and line up our putt, the pressure gets to us and we mishit the ball. We either get too excited and hit it past the hole, or we’ve left it a couple of feet short. Maybe we’ve got the pace just right but an unforeseen slope takes the ball away from our intended target.


It’s a real blow to make a three putt after making it on the green in two, so we’d like to ask you the question:

How comfortable do you feel on the greens?

Putting is such a different feel and tempo from every other aspect of the game, it can be a divisive subject when you bring it up in the clubhouse.

Our mindset when standing over a putt is very much swayed by our pre-shot expectations. It can be typical to think that the closer we are to the hole, the easier the putt, but this isn’t always the case on a green that has sharp slopes. What’s the range of your comfort zone when putting on the green?

If you feel your putting could use some improvement, it’s good to spend a bit of time thinking over why that part of your game isn’t working right now. They say golf is a mental game, but it’s just as important you’re playing with the right equipment in the first place.


Overcoming distance


When we’re on a large green and our putt is dozens of feet from the hole, we tend to automatically think we can’t possibly make the putt, and we’ll just get it near the hole. While this is mostly just being realistic, it’s important to get the shot right to avoid the risk of three-putting.

Putting is all about feel, and how good your golf putter feels comes into the equation when you’ve got to give your shot just the right amount of strength. The face is the all-important point-of-contact with the ball, and the latest TaylorMade putters promote consistency and feel above all else.


Sinking short putts


Shorter putts can often be just as intimidating as being a good distance away from the hole, especially if the line is hard to read or the stretch of green has a sharp slope to it. Once you’ve found your line it can be a test to get the pace just right.

The latest TaylorMade golf putters come equipped with attractive alignment aids that allow you to perfectly line up your ball with your intended target. Once you take the guesswork out of lining up your shot, judging the power needed will make two-putts much more achievable.

TaylorMade understands that every golfer is unique and we all deserve the best tool that will help us succeed on the greens. There are a whole host of golf putters available from TaylorMade, a wide variety of different models with distinct hosels and clubheads. Here’s what we can get you kitted out with.


The TaylorMade Spider Tour range


The iconic spider putters from TaylorMade are back and better than ever in the Spider Tour range. This putter has a solid, stable clubhead, and the HYBAR Echo Dampener behind the face ensures you’ll have excellent sound and feel when connecting with the ball. TaylorMade’s True Path alignment features on the top of the clubhead, and it feels reassuring and natural when you’re lining up your shot. There are 5 individual putters to choose from in the Spider Tour range.

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The TaylorMade TP Reserve range

A sleek and straightforward offering TaylorMade, the TP Reserve putters come in a choice of three specific blades and just as many mid-mallet styles. TaylorMade has given the TP Reserve putters machined-in grooves on the clubface to give you a responsive contact area the entire length of the face. Crafted from a well-weighted stainless-steel, the TP Reserve putters are a delight to play with whether you’re hitting long or short putts.

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The TaylorMade TP Black range


As the name implies, the clubs in the TP Black range come in a brilliant black finish, and besides looking fantastic, they’re exquisite to play with. The stainless-steel construction makes the clubs ideal for milling, and the grooves milled into the face simply flow along the material. You’ll also find a soft surlyn insert in these putters that provides an effortlessly smooth experience on every stroke. You’ll find 10 individual variations in the TP Black range.

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TaylorMade is the best in the business when it comes to making putters, and we know you’ll get on well with one of their latest clubs. Why not pop by the pro shop and check them out in person?

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